Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Gamer's Armory

My Boys and I are Very Excited about a new store in town called The Gamer's Armory! They are a game store of very different games than the ones you see walking down a game aisle at Target or Walmart! They do historical and fantasy games plus they have a space set aside for playing games or cards, my boys are now into Magic Cards (which they do sell there)! They have been online for awhile but just opened their store! My older boy can meet his friends and hang out which is great since he is going into one middle school and his best friends are going to a different one!!! It's nice that there is some place other than the skating ring and mall for the middle school age kids to 'hang out'!!!!!!
They are also doing events like weekly Board Game night every Wednesday Night starting at 6pm!!! You bring in your favorite board games (and cards) and play, maybe even make new friends!!! Click here for more Calendar Events for Ladies Bunko Night, ASL Night, Kids Game Night, Casual Play Magic Night (Thursday August 12 6-9pm, we will be there!), and Warmachine/Hordes Demo and Tournament!!!
We did enjoy Game Night!!! Playing Lego's Minotaurus!!! Very kid friendly atmosphere, even w/ my 3 year old and two 8 year olds being on the louder side and playing on the very cool tables were no problem!!!
My Boy's can't wait to learn how to play the game that involves the very cool tables!!!
So if you live in our area and have boys 8+ (or like to play these games yourself) I highly recommend coming and checking them out!!!

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