Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Magic of Chalk!

Something that I have been doing with my kids ever since my oldest was about 3 was making roads, race tracks, and towns out of chalk for their cars! If you have a side walk, patio, or paved drive way and children you should have chalk! I bought a big bucket of chalk early this spring and it is already half gone! Which means my kids even at 11 and 8 still love chalking up the driveway and racing their hot wheels!!! Lol =) And the nice thing about chalk is that it is cheap (you can often find it at the dollar store) it washes way with rain, hose, or a bucket of water and even though the kids can become covered head to toe in chalk dust, that too washes away very easily!!!

And who said that chalk roads are for boys,
my little girl loves to play with cars too!!!

And now it is nice that the boys are old enough
to make the road I can kick back and watch the
creativity! They spend hours making the "track"
and then another half an hour to hour playing on it!!! They add very creativity things to their race track(s), like lava and water obstacles (they loved the 'Hot Wheels World Race' and 'Hot Wheels AcceleRacers' movies which has given them tons of ideas for race tracks)!!!

So on a day (morning or evening after dinner) when it is not to hot outside
chalk can be a MAGICAL thing, an entertain thing, for a couple of hours!!!
You can join in the fun and magic or sit back and watch the creativity!!!
~Enjoy the Summer~

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