Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Solar System!!!

A project that I have been wanting to do with
the boys is making the Solar System!!! I have looked into getting the styrofoam balls but that gets costly so.... I thought we should try Paper Mache! How hard could it be? I googled how to make the paste and found a very cheap and easy recipe:

1 part flour to 5 parts water, boil for 3 minutes, wait till it cools!!!
Sounds easy and very cheap =)
I also read not to do more than 4 layers (should probable tell children to do 2 since they will over lap with out realizing). Let them dry completely before adding more (up to 4) layers and repeat till you get desired feel to your project!

So we blow up some balloons to the sizes we wanted, dipped shredded news paper into our past, and started layering our planets!!! (Oh and it gets quit messy so put down some news papers on your work area)!!! Finding a place for them to dry were children would not mess with them was a little hard to figure out.... I ended up stringing them up out of reach of the toddler (big girl now that she is potty trained, lol)! I used paper clips and safety pins pining very carfuly so not to pop the ballon on the opening of it so I could hang them up!

Now that they have had the weekend to dry Monday we are going to do another layer! Then we will probably add one more layer I am thinking Wednesday and by Friday I am hopping to PAINT them!!!!! And last but least by Saturday HANG them in the Boy's Room!!!! Yay!!!!!! =) Will post the finish planets when they are all done!!!!
Wish us luck!!!! =)

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