Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Story Time!!! Reading Program = Free Book!!!!

(my childrens' "Passport" for B&N)

Most book stores offer free Story Time for young children, which is a great way to spend a hot 1 indoors! Barnes and Nobles is also doing there Summer Reading program this summer!!! Children between 1st to 6th grade log 8 books that they read, the author name, and places that the book took place (visited) and turn in there "Passport" in by September 7, 2010 and they can pick out a FREE BOOK from B&N list of free books!!! Plus a chance to win the complete autographed set of The 39 Clues books!!!! Please check out all the details plus print out your own "Passport" HERE or visit a B&N near you!!!

You can also check out other book stores and libraries near to see if they are offering a summer reading program or Story Time!!! We are still looking for a reading group for the middle school age that interest my 11 year old over the summer (he loves reading)!!! I think we will try are local library!
~Enjoy a good book or 8~

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