Thursday, June 17, 2010

New idea to keep the kids writing all summer....

So I have a "NEW IDEA" (light bulb over my head idea)
for the kids summer vacation....
They are good about doing their big work book I get them every summer, they love doing the math and tolerate the rest but when it comes to getting them to write it is like pulling teeth!!!
And getting Cole to work on spelling....
Since they love mommy's blog I have set them each their own little blog
under my account and my name, everything from getting on to proof reading before they hit
publish goes through ME! Any responses they may get (I have yet to get one so not to worried about it) I will see first and can delete if not appropriate.
They are very excited about this idea and if it gets them writing more which will help
with spelling and typing skill (which I don't think the school is teaching)
I think this will be great!
And I can change the topic of what they write like:
~write about your day
~write about the book you just finished
~make up a story
~write about this picture
and so on.....
So what do you think? Is this a creative way to get
them to write since writing on paper is

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