Friday, July 23, 2010

Creative Wrapping!!!

When I have time and energy I like to try and add a little more personal touch to the presents we give to the children's friends and the children in the family!
Got this pretty paper at the dollar store and thought why not add a flower on top!!! So I searched on the internet 'paper flowers' or 'tissue paper flowers' and found a cute how to make Giant Paper Flowers on youtube! And look how pretty it came out!!! Perfect for a 3 yr. old little girl's birthday present!!! Hope she likes it!!!

As for the boys you can't go wrong w/ SpongeBob!!! Just bought a cheap plain yellow bag and used construction paper, a permanent marker and a red pen!!! It came out so well that it looked like it was store bought!!! Just turned a $1 bag into a $4 bag! I bet you can guess what kind of present is in side!!! Yep, SpongeBob books and a SpongeBob Movie for an Awesome Boy!!!
This one was a little out there!!! Can you tell what we were going for?
We (meaning the kids and I) love the GEICO commercials so for one of the boy's friends we thought we add a stack of money that was: "somebody's watchin' me"!!!
Did you see it now?
We liked it and so did the friend but it did get destroyed in the unwrapping of the present!!! That's what boys do!!! Lol =)

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