Monday, July 12, 2010

Making Tissue Paper Butterflies

When Lila was able to pull up and stand in her crib she could reach her mobile. That was a sad day I loved having something for her to look at as she was laying in bed and I had to take it down. So I took some things that I had around the house to make her something new and colorful to decorate her ceiling with!

Lucky Me that I had all the things I need to make pretty butterflies without spending any money!!! Not that any of it is costly, lol =) I used tissue out of presents given to us (Lila's and mine had the pretty girly colors and got blues, greens out of the boys presents), the clothespins used for a game at the baby show (yep I still had them)! And to hang them I used the ribbon from the free balloons at the grocery store!
All you have to do is fold the tissue paper in half so both side have the great coloring then fold it like an accordion, find the middle and put that in the mouth of the clothespin, and last fluff out he sides!!!
I really can't wait till Lila is old enough to do this one with me since we will always get new pretty tissue paper!!!
They make great party decorations just string them up with some ribbon and tape!
Lila's Room!!! And when the air is running or the window is open for a breeze they will flutter!!! Really cool for a little girls room!!! Super easy and cheap =)

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