Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Ride Home... And a Cool Train!

Some times it is not the destination it is the RIDE to
(or in our case from) that we have the most fun!!!

We were coming home from an unsuccessful Story Time, Lila spent most of the time at the train table, when.....
Cole noticed a wilted french fry left over from snack yesterday on the floor of the van! Can we say "eewwww"!!!!!
And lets just say thanks to Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cole got the FRY TOUCH,
then Jesse had it, then Me, Cole again, and last but least Lila!!!
LOL =)

And to top it off we were stopped by a train on our short ride home!!!
A lot of people saw the arms go down for the train and started U-turning to head to the bridge down the street (the train goes on the bridge and the cars go under) but having kids in the car you learn that the trains going by (even the long long long boring ones) are Super COOL!!! So we stop and wait to watch the train.....
And we got Super Lucky!!!!
It is not every day in our area that you see MILITARY TANKS go by on a TRAIN!!!!
I have lived her for over 15 years and have never seen a train caring military vehicles go by!!! We see them at the fair or some other event but not on a TRAIN riding through town!!! And a TANK!!!! Can we say "SCORE"!!!
To add to our surprise they had a couple different military vehicles on it!!!
I am so glad my kids have taught me to be patient and we did not U-turn missing this VERY COOL TRAIN!!!

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