Friday, July 16, 2010

Yumm-E Funnel Cakes!!!

Last week A Thrifty Mom posted a recipe on how to make Funnel Cakes that they had done at the grandparents' house for fun, I looked at all the ingredients and thought "We could do this too!"
So after dinner one night this week we made them!!!
They were super easy and tasty!!!
Click here for the recipe: Funnel Cakes
Now we don't have to pay (what was it about $2 for 10 tinny) funnel cake sticks at BK or wait till the fair!!! Kids have already asked if we can do this again on special occasions and my answer was ABSOLUTELY!!!
(We did!)
(Sorry my son is shirtless in the pix he was in his pj's and I can't believe at 8 the boy thinks that he doesn't need to wear a shirt to bed! Lol =) Boys what can do!!!)

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